Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

Travel diary: more snippets from beautiful Rome

As summer decided to just stop existing and big and rainy clouds are all over the place, I thought I´d just share a few more moments and another outfit from my trip to Rome. The weather wasn´t too summery there either, but at least you were able to leave your jacket at home and stroll through the picturesque streets without needing an umbrella all day long. On our third day, we decided to visit Trastevere and all the pictures in this post are taken there. The area was by far the most beautiful of Rome (or of the Rome that I´ve seen...) and I couldn´t stop taking pictures of the facades and houses. After visiting Vatican City and the Colosseum, I also had the feeling that it wasn´t as touristy in this area, although it´s not really a secret spot either. But if you are going to go to Rome, make sure you cross the river and have a look at this lovely quarter.
Crochet Top Bershka / Dress + Handbag + Shoes H and M / Kimono bought on Ibiza /Hat Vintage
One thing we found at Trastevere was this adorable used book shop, that sold a large variety of English editions. You may have figured that this scenario is a pretty much a piece of heaven on earth for me, so I strolled happily through the selection (until my relatives got too bored...) and picked up a few new reads.
Last but not least, there is also a short travel video with impressions of Rome, that you can watch here or on my youtube. It also contains the two outfits that already made it onto here, in case you wonder how they look in moving pictures. I hope you like these little clips, because I´m quite hooked on making them and there will be more soon.

Montag, 15. Juni 2015

The things I love: birthday shenanigans and summery dresses

I never was a person who understood why people did not want to celebrate their birthdays. Maybe that will change once I hit a big number like the terrible thirty (but then, what´s age nowadays?) but I just always loved to have a special day that I could fill with my favourite things and eat plenty of cake without feeling remorse, while ideally spending it with friends and family. I love to think back to the sunny birthdays in my childhood, where we always ate the first homegrown strawberries of the season with vanilla custard and fresh cream and had a big barbeque in the evening. This year, I was not only happy to unwrap this beautiful dress by Subdued, but to go ahead and spend a perfect and relaxed day with my favourite person.
After sleeping in (no alarm clocks allowed on my birthday), I had a big piece of yummy vegan lemon cake and coffee in bed and watched as much Seinfeld as possible.
We stopped at one of my beloved English book shops here in Berlin, St. Georges´s in Prenzlauer Berg, that sells new but also used books. The selection is wide and I never leave without picking up a copy of something. This time, I found a beautiful penguin edition of Jean Rhys "Good Morning, Midnight"and I´m really looking forward to reading it.
Dress Subdued / Hat + Bag Second Hand / Shoes H and M
The rest of the day was filled with Sushi, afternoon drinks in the park and a Thai dinner, that was absolutely to die for. Now that I think of it, every day could be made special with the right mind set (and if you are off work...), someone at your side that you really like and good food. But even so, I´m looking forward to my birthday next year and it´ll hopefully be as fun and lovely as this year.

Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

Travel diary: when in Rome...

A few weekends back, I was happy enough to stroll through the beautiful and picturesque streets of Rome and I´m still reminiscing about this magical and lively place. It was my first visit to Italy´s capital and I enjoyed the trip and the city to the fullest extent. Our days were filled with pasta and red wine for lunch and a lot of walking and visits to the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum. The view from the Palatine Hill was actually one of my highlights and paying in to the ancient civic center of Rome was absolutely worth it and the queue surprisingly short. Both the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps were under construction, but this did not sadden me too much, mainly because we visited these places during tourist-rush-hour and it was not particularly comfortable to hang out around there anyway. I was perfectly happy with just drifting through little side streets, taking tons of pictures of green and old facades and sipping espresso after basically every single meal. 
It will be no surprise to anyone who has visited Rome before, that the city has loads to offer and it´s not quite manageable to visit all important museums and places. Or at least not, if you don´t want your trip to be too planned or stressful. This is something I always liked though, because it puts you in the position of having to go back. I love to keep points on my bucket list and returning to Rome one day is most necessary this way.
Crop Top + Skirt + Bag H and M / Kimono Gina Tricot / Hat Vintage / Necklace Brandy Melville + Urban Outfitters / Shoes Birkenstock
Although the weather was far from picture perfect and showed it´s ugly side with heavy rain showers (too bad that one happened during our visit to the Vatican and St. Peter´s Square, attractions aren´t as impressive when there are covered in dark clouds and big rain drops), there was an overall feeling of summer in the air. The wind was mild and my pale and wintery legs felt fresh air for the very first time this year. The whole trip in general made me look forward to the upcoming summer much more and I hope it will be filled with picnics in the park, swims and ice cream. Most of all, I wish it would be filled with more time in Italy, but this must wait for some other time...
So far so good. I hope you enjoyed this virtual voyage to the eternal city and will stay tuned for a second part, including pictures from my favourite part of the city and (hopefully!) a little video.