Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

The things I love: Autumn, are you here to stay?

Will this be a love song about autumn? I´m afraid so. Just like everyone else, I have a deeply rooted love for this time of the year and I always feel especially excited about life, when the leaves are changing. Might be that I´m just no summer child, as I can´t stand the heat, so I naturally enjoy my weather colder and with a touch of dreariness. To me there is just nothing than a walk in the chilly November air followed by a hot chocolate (with amaretto!) in a warm and cozy café or bundeling up at home. This relaxing and comfy "me"-time is rather needed these days, after stressing so much about finishing college all summer long. So I will try and soak up as much autumnal magic as possible this year and cherish every moment. Outfit-wise I´m all ready and set for layering and my coats and scarves are awaiting their time to shine. This burgundy one is the newest addition to my slightly over-sized collection and I´m already in love. 
Jumper H + M / Skirt + Hat + Bag + Shoes Thrifted / Scarf Primark
As I mentioned in my previous post, I can´t wait to type down a list with my favourite reads and I´d love to say hello to a few of you who might be using goodreads- as I´m a naturally nosy person and always interested in what other people are reading. So feel free to add me there!
I hope you liked my autumnal love song and the moments I captured with my phone over the last couple of weeks. I know everybody expresses their feelings towards the Pumpkin Spice Latte season and seems to be super eager about it, but let´s be honest- it´s a damn fine season.
 What´s not to love about it?


  1. beautiful style my dear<3
    love these boots!
    in fact i am a summerchild but i can understand it when someone loves the colder days

  2. Toller Herbst-look! :)
    Besonders der Hut gefällt mir richtig gut!

    LG, Amelie

  3. Nice Look!
    I really do love summer but autumn is also one of my favourite times of the year! Autumn means a little bit of magic. A little bit of coloring the world with the most amazing colours and light.
    Best wishes Hanna, from

  4. krass - ich glaub ich war seit 2-3 jahren nicht mehr auf deinem blog. schoen zu sehen, dass du immernoch bloggst :) warst damals eine der ersten bloggerinnen, die ich wirklich gerne verfolgt habe.


  5. Toller Look. Nix geht über Hüte und Karoschals. :D


  6. Sieht toll aus! :)


  7. Beautiful... you look stunnning in beautiful dress. loved it very much.

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