Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

Travel diary: Ireland between the years

My winters rest has ended and this first post of the new year is bringing on some of my travel snaps from my recent trip to Ireland. As I mentioned before, I spent Christmas and New Year´s on the green isle and had an overall wonderful time. Sure, it was a tad weird to be without my family on Christmas eve, but the big celebration and the delicious feast on Christmas day itself ( marry me vegeterian stuffing!) evened it out quite a bit. It was incredibly interesting to sneak into another family's christmas beside ones own and to be honest I wasn't missing my portion of potato salad after all. Besides the days I spent lazy and food-filled around Christmas, I also went on a little day trip to Bray, which is a charming coastal town just outside Dublin. Next to the time at the sea, I had my share of the after-Christmas sales in town. I came back home with this lovely red skirt, my first ever turtleneck shirt and once again quite a pile of books. The weather was fantastic during the two weeks that I spent over there and allowed me to see this gem of a country in a beautiful light once again.
Skirt + Jumper Bershka / Bag + Belt + Hat Secondhand / Shoes NYer / Necklace Brandy Melville
Last but not least, I put together a little video of my travel to Ireland. I wasn't even planning it, that's why I only started to collect wee clips at the end of my trip. But the picturesque coastal walk around Bray simply inspired me to try and soak it all up. You can watch the video here or over on my (dust-covered) Youtube channel. Expect not too much movement over there, but I wouldn´t mind catching a few more travel memories on camera soon, so more impressions from future or past vacations might follow eventually. So far so good. Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Dein Blogspot gefällt mir wieder mal mega gut :)! Dein Outfit ist echt süß und die Fotos, besonders das Letzte, sind richtig schön stimmig. Der Video-Einblick ist richtig cool geworden, ich freue mich schon darauf eventuell mehr Video-Ausschnitte zu sehen. :D

    1. Danke dir! Ich hoffe, dass ich beim nächsten Wochenendausflug auch wieder Lust aufs Filmen habe- ich finde es nämlich selber total schön so einen kleinen Film von einer tollen Reise zusammenzustellen und ihn später nochmal anzuschauen <3

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