Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

Outfit: wintery weekends in the big city

Some of you who follow me on Instagram or just simply follow me for a longer period of time, might know that I have quite an obsession with thrift shopping and especially the sport of hunting down oversized second-hand winter coats. This winter I took my love to a new level and ended a vintage shopping spree with this yellow canary bird cloak in my bag, that I would have never ever even looked at a few years ago. It is crazy how taste can change and how you grow and develop as a person and how much your wardrobe sometimes underlines that change. I for my part think, that this new addition of colour suits me just fine and also enriches the grey and windy streets of Berlin on these bitter cold winter days. On our first real adventure, my new coat and I went to see the Charlottenburg palace, a beautiful and charming place, that is worth a visit, even in winter time. Here are a few snaps from this little weekend trip, enjoy!
Coat + Bag Vintage / Scarf Pimkie / Jeans Gina Tricot / Shoes Vagabond
Just like last year I tend to start leaving the city and encounter new (and loved!) places around Europe when the weather brightens up a little. So I do enjoy exploring my own city and area while I wait for spring and a place like Berlin sure has loads to offer. It seems to be the perfect playground for wintery weekends spent at museums, flea markets or even in bed with a steaming mug of tea. (Or let´s face it at the thrift shop, where I buy my next absolutely unnecessary piece of clothing)
My next weekend is currently blank as a page and I can´t wait to think of some lovely things to do. Chances are that I go to my sunday yoga class, a resolution I made for this year and finally started to commit to and enjoy a lot. What are your favourite winter weekend activities?


  1. love your outfit and the vintage coat is so stylish!

  2. Nice picture :) I really like your Blog *-*