Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

Outfit: a red-coated transition into spring

Happy thursday everyone! I´m waving you hello from my sick bed because like almost everyone around me, I caught a cold and I´m spending about half my days curled up in bed and drinking vast amounts of hot lemon with ginger and chamomile tea. But I´m not posting to tell you about the uneventful life of an ill person, but to show you an outfit from last week, when I had a lovely day off and out and celebrated a special occasion with my favourite person. Also this is the premiere of my new glasses, which might show up more often from now on, as I do enjoy seeing the world around me so clearly. My outfit is nothing too brand new for everyone who follows me here, indeed, that red thrifted transition coat had it´s share of attention before, but I simply can´t stop wearing it. All in all, this look contains almost only thrifted pieces, something I like a lot and will try out much more this year, as I love secondhand clothing and I want to try stop consuming too many "new" things. Also this is saving my piggy bank a lot and I can spend money rather on organic food and traveling.

The day out was full of spring-announcing sunshine and we used it to stroll around Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg all day and also stopped at East London for a very fueling fry up. It´s quite handy to eat a breakfast that will feed you all day and especially the homemade leek hash brown was delicious.
Coat + Hat Humana  / Glasses Fielmann / Bag + Jumper flea market / Shoes Vagabond
Besides being glued to the bed, I spent the last couple of days completely excited about the upcoming weekend, because I go on my first getaway this year. All fingers crossed that I´ll feel better tomorrow, so the weekend is not filled too much with my coughing and sneezing. If you want to know where I´m heading and how I´ll fill my days there, go an follow me on Instagram.


  1. Love the outfit! It's amazing. :)

    Best wishes, Hanna from

  2. nice post, i like the mix of random stuff and outfit :-)