Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Travel diary: spring days in Prague

It´s quite clear that spring is upon us. The weekend I spent in Prague two weeks ago definitely verified that. Although I´m not a massive lover of hot summer sun, I can´t deny that it is beautiful to visit a city during its mild spring days. Prague was pretty and as lively as ever, covered in pink spring petals and the time I spent there was once again filled with joy. It´s just one of those places that brings back the loveliest memories that I will never let go of, I simply have to return at least once a year. This time, my sister was my travel companion and it was especially dear to me to show her around the city. She had never visited Prague before and needed to be taken to all the must-see spots around town. Like on all our trips, we like to get up extra early to have the full hours of the day to soak in all that´s out there. And so we spent three fantastic days in this city in bloom, always walking and exploring and tucked into bed by midnight. Which might not sound like the most fun to some, but was a delight to us. 
The little hike up to the castle will never be my favourite thing to do, but sure guarantees you a good view over the red city roof tops.The castle grounds are worth a look as well and when it´s crowded up there in the main season, I suggest paying for the garden terrace, which is a lovely spot and less crowded than the general castle area.
Dress Forever 21 / Jacket + Shoes H and M / Bag  + Hat Vintage
Whenever it comes to food, my sister and I can count on each other and always seem to be in the same mood. I could highly recommend every single meal we had, including vegan Czech specialities at LoVeg or raw cucumber spaghetti at Lehka Hlava. Even a random street café called Le Caroussel we passed, turned out to be a real treat and we spent one morning feeling like on our trip to Paris some years ago.
It will be no surprise to you that I would love to go back right away. Well, as a matter of fact, I'd love to go see other places as well. It´s sometimes hard to live with a travelling itch. Visiting places just makes you long for more and even after one night in your beloved bed back home, you could head out again. So I guess I'll keep on booking and booking little adventures, because there are millions of places left on my bucket list. But besides wanting to travel to places I haven´t been before, I´ll surely return to Prague again. And again.


  1. Wunderschöne Bilder! Ich muss definitiv mal nach Prag, vielleicht schaffe ich es ja dieses Jahr. Wie teuer/günstig ist es dort eigentlich so? :)

  2. What a beautiful post. I love Praque as well as a city. It's so pretty there especially the architecture and the art.
    The best is the food. Never ever ate such delicious food as in the Czech Republic <3

  3. Dein Blog ist einfach perfekt, du hast einen neuen Follower ♥