Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2015

How to: festival inspired hairstyles with KMS California

Happy #festivalhairday! The festival season is upon us and I´m coming your way with a sort of different blog post today. When KMS California asked me to join forces to spread festival season inspired hairstyles, I was more than eager to jump right into this project. I love festivals and especially the freedom to go crazy with your fashion and hair style choices. The products I use in this post, have been kindly sent to me and worked perfectly for the "Half Bun", that I chose as my first look. I love this hairdo, wear it at least once a week and think it is perfect for a weekend in the open, because it´s easy to do, requires no heat whatsoever and looks put together without great effort.
First things first: I don´t wash my hair every day. Not even every second one. So I was happy to find the Hair Play: Makeover Spray in my package, which is perfect for non-freshly washed hair. It absorbs oil, freshens up the hair and (very important for my super fine and super thin hair!) creates volume. I don´t have to explain to you, that this is a key product for every festival visit, or? It makes your hair look good instantly, even after a night full of wild dancing and if you lack a proper shower and as an extra: leaves no residue!
After applying the makeover spray from root to end, I parted my hair in the middle and started with the actual hairstyle. You can create a half bun with all of your top hair, but I decided to leave big strands out, to work as a long fringe, because I think it looks a tad more casual. With the help of a comb, I then gathered the top half of my hair (down until my ears) on both sides of my mid-parted hair and combined the left and right side to a high ponytail. I usually tuck around the ponytail to create a bit more volume, the best method is to run your hands to the root of the ponytail and to pull the hair lightly towards your forehead.
As I mentioned before, my hair is rather thin. To make sure, that the half bun is big enough, I backcomb the ponytail before I roll it up into a bun and pin it in place with bobby pins.
Time for some texture: the next style helper for my spaghetti hair is the Hair Play: Sea Salt Spray to mess things up a little more. The spray creates beachy waves and gives the length of the hair just a little more grip, structure and vitality. The salty mist is actually very fine and does not leave your hair too sticky after applying it, which is perfect! I do love the effect of sea salt sprays, but have to remind myself, that a treatment for the tips is mandatory afterwards, especially if you have fine hair. As an extra tip: the Sea Salt Spray works even more magic if you spray it on damp hair after a shower. However you use it, I think it´s fantastic for festivals and it leaves your hair looking all messy, all wavy and all good. .
Now the working part is over and the fun begins. Once the half bun is up, it´s time to dig out the accessories and make this look festival appropriate. I decided to use the infamous flower crown but rolled it around the bun. I also felt my inner Blümchen call on me and got some heart-shaped rhinestones and a package of bindi´s to spice up my forehead. If this a tad too much for you, you can obviously leave out one of the decorations. But you are at a music festival: so show no fear!
Finish up: before leaving the tent and running off to see a band or DJ, it´s time to make the hairstyle really stay all day. Hairspray is therefore an absolute must. I used the Hair Stay: Medium Hold Spray to put everything in place and especially to secure the bun. The spray is also good to fix your messy beach waves and to make the created volume last longer. My hair usually seems to absorb all sorts of volume treatments, so I like to freshen up with another spritz of the hairspray after a while. So when you gather a jumper from your tent and the night is getting fresh, just give the hair a little dosage of love as well and it will stick with you until you crawl back into your sleeping bag in the morning.
That´s a wrap! I really hope you liked this beauty related content, enjoyed my half bun look for the #festivalhairday and therefor part one of my co-operation with KMS California. Stay tuned for another look very soon and in the meantime, maybe head over to Instagram and share your very own #festivalhairday hair styles there, I´d love to see how you like to wear your hair in the festival world!


  1. Tolles Hairstyling! Aber besonders liebe ich den Gesamtlook mit der verspielten Bluse und dem Stein auf der Stirn :)

    Liebste Grüße

    Sandra ♥ von Sandra Felicia

  2. ich mag diese frisur, nur laufe ich fast jeden tag so rum, nicht nur auf festivals ;)
    liebst, catlée

  3. such a pretty hairstyle, will definitely try this! And the top looks amazing as well x