Montag, 10. August 2015

How to: flower crown hairstyles with KMS California

Today it´s time for the second hair style in the summer festival series with KMS California. After creating a half bun the last time, I once again aimed for an easy and foolproof look, that is effortless but still sends some heavy festival vibes. This is simply the way I love my hair when I say "goodbye" to my beloved bed and proper bathroom: I want to look put together, I want to step out of my comfort zone a little, but not taking 12 utensils and being occupied with making my hair for more than a few minutes. Because let´s face it, if you are on a festival the conditions aren´t all shiny and perfect and you probably want to create something easy and quick. So today´s look is nothing more than a simple and messy flower crown style with braids.
I started washing my hair with the Add Volume: Shampoo by KMS California for obvious reasons. We´ve talked about my thin spaghetti hair before and I was very happy to receive a shampoo, that promises volume and fullness. After my hair was all rinsed and ready for a nice old towel-dry, I sprayed in another product of the Add Volume series. The so called Body Build Detangler is a leave-in spray, that creates a nice grip in your hair and ensures that you are be able to work with it right away. Very handy for me, because my hair tends to be very slippy when its freshly washed. I just sprayed it in, combed it through and then waited for my hair to air dry.
After letting my hair dry on its own, I did actually see some magical results of the Body Build Detangler. Sure, my hair is still no lions mane, but it felt much thicker than without the leave-in product and had an overall nice and non-slip texture.
Now it´s time for the braiding. I love braids. I love big, chunky, fishtail, all-around-the-head towers of braids, but once again: I don´t have the hair to make massive piles of braids. Therefor, I chose an easy pigtail braid look and just parted my hair in the middle, left out my "bangs", braided my hair equally on both sides and secured the braids with a see-through elastic.
Next on is the flower crown. I decided for a big sunflower one and put it on quite near my parting. I then took some parts of the strands I left out and simply tucked them over the braids and secured them in place with a bobby pin. Some of my "bangs" I just left dangling around, because I think a few loose streaks make this look more casual and less... well Heidi-ish (a bit of Heidi is absolutely fine with me though!).
And this is literally it. Another little variation could be to pin one of the braids behind your head in the back and therefor create a sort of side braid, but I do like the pigtails a lot lately. Last but not least: time to make the whole thing last. I once again used the Hair Stay: Medium Hold Spray to fix up the twists in the front of my hair and the bangs.
This look is obviously nothing to extravagant or new, but that´s what I like a bout it. It´s simple, it keep the hair away from your neck and face and you can fully focus on enjoying the music, the time with your friends and the festival. I hope you liked it and don´t forget to swing over to Instagram to participate in showing your own festival inspired hair styles with #festivalhairstyle. I certainly look forward to visit my next festival a lot and can´t wait to share some impressions with you. Hope you all have a lovely day.

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  1. That is a nice, wearable festival look!
    love, catlée