Mittwoch, 26. August 2015

Travel diary: a cruise on the MS Dockville

It´s a nice feeling to be freshly back from a cruise. Especially if the cruise took place on the sunny MS Dockville in Hamburg last weekend. My best friend and I sailed to the festival a few years ago and were so happy to be finally back. The location and atmosphere are wonderful and this year's super sunny and basically cloud free weather was the cherry on top of a very big and very delicious festival sundae. As an extra treat we actually stayed in the ever so beautiful 25 Hours Hotel at Hafencity (much safer for a camera and a laptop compared to a tent...and more convenient too!) and gave us the chance to at least soak in a few impressions of Hamburg as well. The city suprised me and I liked it much more than on recent visits (blame it on the rain) and I will be back to explore more in the future. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that the festival visit was made possible by KMS California. After creating festival proof hair styles in my last posts, I was sent to Hamburg to seek stylish festival goers and put together a little style report here and on my Instagram account. So next to some overall impressions of the MS Dockville, you will find all the lovely ladies and (the one) lovely lad I took picture of at the end of this post.
We arrived on Friday and got ready for the festival right away. My highlight was FM Belfast and Odesza that night and we were blown away by the majestic sunset that took place at the festival ground. Next to these two bigger acts, we really enjoyed spending time on the smaller dance floors off the main stages. We were impressed with the food selection and enjoyed some vegan hot dogs before catching the shuttle bus back into the city once we were done dancing and in desperate need of a lay down.
Crop Top + Skirt H and M / Kimono bought in Ibiza / Hat Vintage / Shoes Birkenstock / Necklace Subdued
On Saturday we woke up quite early and walked through Hamburgs Speicherstadt and Hafencity. Next time I definitely want to see more of the Schanzenviertel and Altona, but this time, we obviously wanted to go back to the festival area as soon as possible and started the day with some poetry slam. We once again found very delicious food at a Vietnamese street food truck and had an amazing tofu sandwich with spicy sauce and a lot of fresh veggies and herbs.
In general we had a lot of fun looking for stylish people at the festival, but it was indeed a bit of work and isn´t as easy as street style blogs make it look. But everybody was so open minded and friendly, that we ended up having some really good chats. Mainly, we tried to find looks and people that made us feel they are not wearing a costume and just having a good time. Sure, applying some glitter and adding a few extravagant accessoires for a festival are sort of a must and are a lot of fun, but we mostly fell in love with looks that combined festival vibes with their usual wardrobe. In the end, we managed to find a couple of really cool and stylish outfits and we liked the characters behind the clothes just as much as their looks.
One of the looks I personally liked the most was Charlotte´s all pastel pink combo. Absolutely loved her Urban Outfitters dress and envy her fantastic hair colour.
That´s really a wrap this time. I´m very thankful for the chance of visiting Dockville festival with KMS California and had a really good time in Hamburg and will put visiting the festival again on my summer 2016 list for sure. Next to the pictures that are gathered up there, I also put together some tinsy clips and will end this post with another video. 


  1. Es klingt nach einer ziemlich großartigen Zeit! Ich vermisse Hamburg ohnehin ganz schrecklich, nachdem ich 3 Monate dort gelebt habe, aber dass ich zum Dockville nicht da sein konnte, macht mich nochmal etwas trauriger. Übrigens mag ich das Video sehr gerne :)

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